Chapter 21
-Leadership & Supervision-

Chapter 21 covers the principles of leadership and followership as well. Chapter 21 is very short.

The three elements of leadership are followership are:
1. Moral principles
2. Personal example
3. Administrative ability

Moral principles include honesty, integrity, and loyalty.

Personal Example-lead by example.

Administrative ability is maintaining logs, records, and paperwork. This is good management practices.

When giving orders, give orders that are simple, clear, and complete.

A good order makes the following facts clear:
- what is to be done
- when to do it
And, if circumstances permit:
- how to do it
- why it must be done.

Remember to:
- Praise in public
- Reprimand in private

Good leaders always carry out all orders promptly to the best of their ability and as cheerfully as possible.

Commands & Orders

Command is immediate obedience and an automatic response to a command.

Orders are reasoned and obedience is the proper response to an order.

The primary goal of the Continuous Improvement Program is to increase productivity and produce better quality through leadership

The three followership qualities are:
1. Loyalty
2. Initiative
3. Dependability

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