MR for CPO
Chapter 8
-Safety and Damage Control-

Chapter 8 covers mishaps, safety, investigations, safety programs, survival training. There is only one small paragraph on Damage Control. (DDCCPO)

• The requirements for safety investigations are set forth in OPNAVIST 5102.1C.

• An appropriate paygrade for a qualified investigator should be the division leading chief petty officer.

• A mishap is an unplanned or unexpected event causing material loss or damage, or causing personnel injury or death.

• People (human error) cause most mishaps.

• Start all investigations as soon as possible.

• Your investigations should always answer the questions: What? Where? When? How? And Why? • Real evidence is defined as photos, records, operating logs, and damaged equipment.

• The objective of the Navy’s safety program is to enhance operational readiness.

• Safety is a command responsibility

• The commanding officer is ultimately responsible for all safety matters within a unit.

• A safety officer is appointed by the commanding officer to provide day to day staff assistance with safety matters.

• The safety officer has department head status.

• The standard unit organization for carrying out a safety program is based on chapter 7 of Standard Organization and Regulations of the US Navy (OPNAVIST 3120.32B)

• The division office is the designated safety officer of a particular division.

• A senior petty officer E-6 or above, should be designated as division safety petty officer.

• The safety council meets once a month.

• The enlisted safety committee makes safety recommendations to the safety council. They also meet once a month.

• Basic survival training is outlined in Airman (NAVEDTRA 12000) and BMR.

• On a large ship, a department damage control chief petty officer (DDCCPO) is assigned.

• The DDCCPO trains and qualifies the division damage control petty officers and assists the DCA.

• Review Chapter 8 MR for CPO

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