MR for CPO
Chapter 4
-Management Information-

Chapter 4 covers effective goal setting, budget request, supervisory responsibilities, SORM, and counseling & evaluating personnel.

• Preparing and submitting a budget request is a form of long-range planning.

• The budget process starts when the President submits his budget to congress in mid-January.

• Next, congress passes an authorization bill which gives authorization to various programs in the budget.

• Money for the various programs is allocated by appropriations bill.

• OPTAR is the operating target, or the cost center of every command, squadron, or unit. You can think of the OPTAR as an overall budget for a command.

• The commanding officer is responsible for ensuring the OPTAR is met.

• There are two types of budgeting used by the Navy:
- Incremental, which is the primary budget used by the Navy. Incremental budgeting is when a certain amount of money is given at the beginning of the budget and then increased later on.

- Zero based is used for budgeting major material purchases, such as airplanes or ships.

• Review page 4-10 to see the form 1250-1 and DD form 1348.

• Review page 4-11 to see form 1250-2.

• Urgency of Need designator (UND)-(found on Block 3 of NAVSUP Form 1250-1):
A. Unable to perform
B. Performance Impaired
C. Routine

• For stowage precautions you can use dunnage, such as pallets or lumber, under material to keep it from direct contact with the dampness of the deck.

• Controlled equipage are specific items that require special management control because their use is essential for the protection of life, such as lifeboats, First aid boxes, firearms, binoculars, or items that are pilferable and easily converted to personal use.

• Controlled equipage are generally under the custodial responsibility of the department head.

• Signature-required items require the signature of the responsible department head in the original custody records maintained by the supply department. These items also require the signature of the actual custodian..

• As a CPO, you may encounter a time when you will need to expend accountable material from your records because of loss, destruction, or absorption. Normally you will need to initiate a Report of Survey (DD Form 200) to document expenditure.

• Always initiate a Report of Survey (DD Form 200) to document loss or destruction of government property.

• Note: pages 4-20 and 4-21 show both the front and back of a Report of Survey (DD Form 200).

• One of the most important aspects of the Chief Petty Officer is providing advice and counseling to subordinates.

• Counseling should not only be reserved for subordinates that are having problems, you should also counsel your subordinates for outstanding performance.

• The objective of counseling is to give your personnel support in dealing with problems as that they will regain the ability to work effectively in the organization.

• Types of counseling include:
- Directive Counseling is when you listen to the member’s problem, deciding with the member what should be done.
- Nondirective counseling focuses on the member rather than on the counselor as a judge and advisor. It stresses changing the person instead of dealing with the immediate problem in the usual manner of directive counseling.
- Personal Counseling: Not all personal problems need referred to a specialist. Examples of situations in which referral would be appropriate include: drug and alcohol abuse, psychological problems or behavioral disorders, and medical problems. These problems can be handled by such specialists such as the chaplain, legal officer, medical, and treatment specialists.

• When interviewing personnel for counseling or evaluation, you have three major objectives:
1. To establish your position of leadership and responsibility in the sailor’s mind.
2. To discover special characteristics or aptitudes about the member that may not be included in the records.
3. To show that you have a personal interest in the person.

• The interview should be friendly, not too formal, but thorough.

• The main purpose of a military briefing is to inform.

• The Ship’s Organization and Regulations Manual (SORM) is a command specific version of the Standard Organization Regulations of the U.S. Navy (SORN).

• You should review the SORM every time an event occurs that effects the normal operation of your work center or division. You are in the best position to determine if and how much change in instructions or equipment affect the SORM.

• Review Chapter 4 MR for CPO.

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