Navy Advancement Websites

Evaluations Made Easy: This is my other Navy website. It is a lesson in how to understand and improve your Navy Evals to help your advancement. Feel free to take a look. It also includes a blank evaluation report you can download for your own use.

Who Wants to be a Navy Chief?If you are an E-6 and getting ready to take the advancement exam for Chief, I have another web site called Who Wants to be a Navy Chief. When you are going up for Chief, it is the only time in your Navy career when you will have to both take and exam and go before a selction board. Making Chief can be very competitive, and not everyone who makes the Navy a career will be selected Chief. This site contains step by step information on how to increase your chances for making Chief. Even if you will not be eligible to take the exam for a few years, there is information on my Chief site that can help you start increasing your chances now. At this site you can order, view, or print out courses.

Navy Uniform Regulations 15565

Navy Directives

Joint Pub 3-07.2, Joint Tactics, Techniques, and procedures for Antiterrorism, Appendix B&J (PDF file)

Navy Doctorine for Antiterrorism/Force Protection

North Star Study Guides- For your in Rate Studying.

Navy Wide Advancements-This is a very helpful site for anyone taking the advancement exams. Links to either Reservist or Active duty advancement are on this page, which will then take you to your advancement quotas for your rate, selection board feedback, the names of those whom advanced, and more.

Who Wants to Be a Master Chief & In Rate Games- This is the Naval Reserve Redcom Training and Operations page. When you click on the link above, you will have to sign in with your user name and password, as it is an official site. Once you are in, scroll down, and you will see links for Who Wants to be a Master Chief, Who Wants to Be a Storekeeper, Who Wants to be an Electrician's Mate, Who Wants to Be a Yeoman, and under the NPSAC Training (NRAC) heading, there is also one for Who Wants to be a Sailor. When you click on the link for each game, it will ask you if you want to download the setup.exe file to your computer. You cannot play the games online, they have to be installed on your personal computer for you to be able to run them. Hit "OK" and choose where you want the game to go on your hard drive. These games are well made, while obviously no one can promise the questions in the games will be the ones on your tests they will still help you study.

Enlisted Promotion Chart- This is a chart of the minimum requirements for advancement for each enlisted rate.

Other Navy Reference

US Military @ This site is full of links and articles on the Navy! And our thanks go to the US Military About.Com guide Rod Powers for listing this site as Best of the Net in March 2004!

Rank Insignias-This site is a handy quick reference to rank structure for enlisted and commissioned Officers.

Kathy's Military Links-This is the Navy page of an extensive military links site. You will find all sorts of useful links on pay, family support, and other Navy subjects here.

More to come.

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